In Outlets

Our Products are available on these stores 


  • Satellite Town Market Gujranwala
  • Lush Cosmetics Satellite Town Market
  • Shop & Save Satellite Town Market
  • king's Mall Gujranwala


  • Kashmir Gift Center Saddar Bazar Sialkot Cantt.
  • The Fashion Shop & Uniform Saddar Bazar Sialkot Cantt.
  • Rashid & Sons Main Bazar Gohad Pur Sialkot 



  • Sarwar Gold Plaza, Court Rd, Khwajgan, Gujrat,
  • G-Mart, G.T Rd, near Science College, Jattuwakal, Gujrat
  • Ahmad Barbar & Cosmetics Shop


  • U-MART Kharian Main G.T Road
  • Anarkali Center main Bazar
  • Abbasi Color Cosmetics
  • Abbasi Gift Point
  • Abbaseen Store
  • Yaseen General Store
  • Bstore Dinga Road
  • Time Mart Kharian Cantt
  • Checkout Store Kharian
  • Zam Zam Mart Kharian


  • U-MART Jhelum Main G.T Road
  • Chaudhry Medical Store main bazar Jhelum
  • Umart Sarai Alamgir 
  • Ajwa mart Jhelum Cantt
  • Qasim mall Jhelum
  • Chaudhry Medical Store Jhelum
  • Standard Medical store Jhelum
  • Ginza Mart Jhelum
  • Inam Cosmetic Jhelum


  • D۔Mart G.T road Dina 
  • Madina General Store


  • Fazaal Pharmacy main bazar
  • Rawayat Mart dinga road Chanan
  • Paris Mart
  • Faazal Pharmacy
  • Toor Shopping Store Dinga

Mandi Bahauddin

  • Toor Shopping Center, Committee Bazar, Mandi Bahuaddin



  • Shaheen chemist Mirpur 
  • Shaheen surgical Mirpur 
  • Majid Variety Mirpur 
  • Shahid Variety Mirpur
  • Tanveer store mirpur



  •  Muneer General Store


  • Sheikh Said Rasool, Main Bazar Wazirabad 



  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to assess and suggest the best possible products to our clients based on individual concerns and needs. Restoring client’s hair health and skin health in the best possible manner is our primary concern.

  • Our Vision

    We envision Revival Naturals as the preferred choice for clients seeking customized, natural, organic-based hair, skin health, and beauty.

  • We Are Customer Obsessed

    We strive each day to make our products and 100% beneficial for you as we believe in making you happy with our customized services, and your feedback matters a lot to us

  • We Don’t Settle For The Less

    We aim to build a unique brand and constantly challenge ourselves to improve upon the quality of our products and build better products to serve you in the best way possible

  • Integrity And Honesty

    Our goal is to build a relationship of trust with you based on integrity and honesty, as we value you more than anything else in this world

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