Our Story

Our company was established with a Purpose and a Passion.

Let me tell you something…

You see, every other skin or hair care product that is sold in the market, have a considerable amount of harmful chemicals such as Parabens, mercury, Sulphates and other ingredients used in it.

These chemicals can have devastating consequences on your skin and hair in the long run.

Now you must be wondering.

How can I secure my skin and hair from such products…?

Is there even a reliable and viable solution available in the market…?

The same question was revolving in our heads as well.

We wanted to do something about this.



We had a clear dream…

To develop such products that are super-effective, environment-friendly, chemical-free, 100% organic, and most importantly, affordable for everyone. Hence, our research team worked day and night, going above and beyond to create the perfect formulas for the products.

We wanted the very best for you.


Our world-class hair and skincare products are affordable and practical for every type of skin and hair.

Designed with perfection a, our products provide your hair and skin with the much-needed care and affection they always deserve.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to assess and suggest the best possible products to our clients based on individual concerns and needs. Restoring client’s hair health and skin health in the best possible manner is our primary concern.

  • Our Vision

    We envision Revival Naturals as the preferred choice for clients seeking customized, natural, organic-based hair, skin health, and beauty.

  • We Are Customer Obsessed

    We strive each day to make our products and 100% beneficial for you as we believe in making you happy with our customized services, and your feedback matters a lot to us

  • We Don’t Settle For The Less

    We aim to build a unique brand and constantly challenge ourselves to improve upon the quality of our products and build better products to serve you in the best way possible

  • Integrity And Honesty

    Our goal is to build a relationship of trust with you based on integrity and honesty, as we value you more than anything else in this world

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