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Green Tea with Jasmine Leaves

Green Tea with Jasmine Leaves

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Green tea is a natural source of protective antioxidants. Green tea aids digestion by boosting your body's natural metabolic rate which may assist weight loss, reduce abdominal fat, fight skin aging, improve brain function, and various types of cancers.


Our cent percent organic formula is perfectly infused with jasmine extracts to give you that exquisitely rich and sensual aroma with a tinge of sweetness to your palate. Organic green tea is an enriched source of antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols impacting your body and mind. A potential beverage that facilitates digestion by boosting your metabolism, prompting speedy weight loss, and tapering bad cholesterol. Adequately regulates the blood sugar, levels preventing insulin spikes. This potent magical formula obstructs clot formation and maintains the vessel’s elasticity to regulate steady blood pressure and prevent heart diseases. The polyphenols have exuberant anti-carcinogenic effects that fight off cancerous cells keeping healthy tissues intact. It eases your nerves and enhances cognitive functions, thus preventing the onset of mental illnesses. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory attributes reduce aging signs by fading fine lines and keeping your skin firm and juvenile.

How to prepare :
1 teaspoon of Green Tea Leaves for 1 cup. And 2 For 2 Cups. Take a stainless steel pot/pan and boil the water and turn off the stove after the water reaches the boiling point. Now put green tea in water and cover the pot/pan and wait for 2 mins. Now Put tea in a cup and Enjoy Green Tea.

120 Grams

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