Importance of Water in our Lives

Importance of Water in our Lives

Water : a miracle

About 71% of earth is made up of water and our body contains 60% of water. There are many benefits of water. The skin is an important surface of the body, so water and food intake is very important. Water intake is especially important in skin health, as lack of it can cause dryness. If you want to ensure good skin health, you should make sure your intake of water is quite large.

Water is a part of our life as well as the human body as well. It has major roles in maintaining body temperature , preventing dehydration and helps in regeneration of your body tissues.

Are you worried about acne , dryness , sagginess of skin and looking for costly treatments? But do you know that you can cure these with just one simple thing? Yes , it is WATER.


Let water be your beauty secret for a healthy, younger looking you.

Water is a secret of long lasting beauty. Here are the major benefits of water


Drinking water helps to prevent dehydration which is the leading cause of fatigue , dryness and weakness. It can even lead to constipation which is the root cause of many diseases. You can improve it by taking simple water or bounded water in the form of juices or broths.

Weight loss:

Water also helps in losing weight by suppressing your appetite , makes it easier to do exercise and helps you burn more calories easily. If you drink 3-4 glasses of water before food , it suppresses your appetite and eventually helps you in eating less food.


Water also helps in preventing sagginess after extreme and quick weight loss as well using FAD diets. It is a myth that you can prevent it by reducing the use of water but in reality , it's Water that actually helps in preventing the symptoms of saggy skin.


Water improves your skin complexion by cleaning out toxins from the stomach and getting a better complexion. Drinking a lot of water removes the harmful substances present in the stomach and makes the body clean and skin fresh. These toxins can cause acidity to cancer in the body if not treated on time.

Puffy eyes:

Periorbital edema is the swelling around the eyes , it is the result of dehydration.  Are you tired of puffy eyes by continuous use of computers and mobile screens? Water also helps in reducing it.


Acne and pimples are one of the worst skin care issues that clog your pores on epidermis but water also got you here by swapping them away and getting clean , neat and pretty skin. Despite suffering an attack of acne, some things do work. One of them is the daily intake of water. The more water you intake , the clearer your skin is.


Summer causes sunburn to almost 60% of the world population and it leads to severe damage such as blisters on the can lead to severe itching and pain. But Water is best to solve and reduce its effects. Apply aloe vera gel for best results.


Water is the cheapest remedy for many diseases and it's a vital component of our is recommended to save water as much as we can. At Least 13-14 glass for females and 15-18 glass for males is necessary.



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