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Grape Seed Essential Oil

Grape Seed Essential Oil

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 Description :

  • Obstruct nasty acne breakouts
  • Enhances skin’s elasticity
  • Detoxify skin & unclogged pores
  • Restore sebum production
  • Relax Nerves & gives a stress-free ambiance

The proven antimicrobial characteristics obstruct nasty acne breakouts. As an enriched source of Vitamin E and Vitamin C, it facilitates collagen production and enhances skin’s elasticity giving you a soft, wrinkle-free, and radiant look altogether. The antioxidants readily even out hyperpigmentation clear unclogged pores, and detoxify your skin from free radicals. This oil helps you restore sebum production giving you lush hair and nurturing a dry scalp. The vital composites include Linoleic, a fatty acid that keeps your skin hydrated and nurtures the cell membranes restoring saggy skin and fading off fine lines giving you that lush glow and rejuvenating skin that you long for. It works wonders as a carrier oil in aromatherapy easing your nerves and giving you a stress-free ambiance.


Adding a few drops of grapeseed oil in your face moisturizer facilitates locks up moisture in your skin. For hair add 2-3 drops in your favorite shampoo or carrier oil and rinse well.
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