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Orange Essential Oil

Orange Essential Oil

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  • Fights off acne
  • Assists collagen production
  • Anti-aging exfoliator
  • Rejuvenating your dull skin & Reduce Pores
  • Mood-boosting & Anti Stress.

Description :

Orange oil’s vigorous anti-microbial effects result in fighting off acne. The anti-inflammatory properties do magic to your skin; increasing vitamin C absorption assists collagen production, and facilitates blood flow to suppress signs of wrinkles and aging, giving you luscious radiant skin. As an anti-aging exfoliator, it reduces eye bags and puffiness, rejuvenating your dull skin. Due to antiseptic and antibacterial traits, this oil readily lightens acne scars, spots, blemishes, and inhibits acne, revitalizing, and illuminating your skin. The detoxification reduces skin pores. It readily soothes dryness and fights off eczema. The aromatic properties exhibit a mood-boosting and positive effect. This oil calms you by lowering heart rate and hinders cortisol production during stress and anxiety, giving you a peaceful mind and alleviating depression.


Add five drops of it in a diffuser for serene ambiance and mood-boosting. Add a few drops in a carrier oil for a moisturizing effect.  For acne, apply a few drops with coconut oil with a cotton swab on the affected areas.

e 10ml 0.34 fl.oz

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